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Variety Distribution

Variety Distribution is a Rome based company having decades of experience in worldwide film distribution.

It licenses theatrical, home video and TV rights of films being part of a wide and prestigious library including over 1000 titles – produced between the 30s’ and recent years. The catalogue offers a vast array of film genres: action and adventure, historical, mythological and peplum, war, thriller and horror, sexy and great classics of the Italian western, drama and comedy,  all available in different languages.
The library has been enriched by a big group of films belonging to Cecchi Gori Production, such as “Johnny Stecchino” by and with the Oscar winner Roberto Benigni, “Paprika” by Tinto Brass, “In viaggio con papà” by Alberto Sordi, “Il Postino” by Michael Radford, and many more.
The excellent quality of the products provided is a crucial value offered by the company: the copies and masters delivered to clients derive straight from the original film negatives, preserved and restored using the best and latest lab processes and technologies.

Variety Distribution S.r.l.

Corso Trieste, 42 – 00198 Roma

  • Tel: +39 06 36001409-36001417
  • Fax: +39 06 36001407
  • Email: sales@varietydistribution.it
  • Website: www.varietydistribution.it
  • Representative: Maria Rita Tuccio, Elisabetta Volpe, Giovanna Stornaiuolo
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